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TRAKR is the official app partner of the United Blood Trackers. UBT is dedicated to promoting resource conservation through the use of trained tracking dogs in the ethical recovery of big game. We are excited to work with the UBT to connect hunters with the best trained tracking dogs in the country.


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Guide For Using The TRAKR App

Below is the tracker’s “Profile” page. On this screen, you can click to view the app settings, edit your profile and edit your services.

Below is the “Tracking Requests” page. On this screen, you can view map pins on the “Tracking requests on map” page by clicking the “Requests Map” icon, located in the upper right of the screen. You can also view more details about individual requests by clicking the arrow icon. When a hunter submits a request, nearby trackers instantly receive a push notification alerting them of the request. The hunter will also receive a push notification, indicating how many trackers in the area received their request. On the “Tracking requests on map” page, you can view request pins on the map, how many trackers have offered their services to each request (indicated by the number next to each pin), view each request’s location in relation to your own location and you can also click on a pin to view full details about that request.

When a tracker applies to a request, the request moves to the “My Jobs” tab and the status changes to the “Hunter Review” state. When a tracker applies to a request, the map pin temporarily disappears from that tracker’s view on the map until a tracker has been accepted. At that point, the pin changes to a green pin. If a tracker is not interested in a tracking request, they may ignore/hide the request by clicking the 3 dots (upper right of screen) and choosing “Ignore Track (hide for me).” *Choosing “Ignore Track” will permanently hide the tracking request from your view.

Depending on the number of trackers in the area, the hunter may receive multiple tracking offers after submitting their request. The number of trackers that have applied to each tracking request is indicated on each red map pin. The hunter reviews each tracker’s offer and chooses the tracker that best works for them.

The chosen tracker will receive a push notification alerting them of being accepted for the tracking request and the hunter’s phone number will now be visible to the accepted tracker. The request remains in the chosen tracker’s “My Job” tab but the request status changes to the “In Work” state. Any trackers not accepted will not receive any notifications. Instead, the request will simply disappear from their “My Jobs” tab and the corresponding map pin will turn green.

Trackers have the option to remove themselves from any active tracking agreement by clicking the three dots in the upper right of the “Active Job Page” and selecting “Rescind from this job.” If this occurs, the tracking request will revert back to an active request and available trackers may once again offer their tracking services. One reason a tracker may want to rescind from a job is in order to transfer that request to another tracker, as long as the job transfer is communicated and agreed to by the hunter.

Once a tracking request has been successfully completed, trackers will need to mark the request as completed by clicking the three dots in the upper right of the “Active Job” page and selecting “Mark as completed.” This is a good time to remind the hunter that they may leave a rating and/or review.

Awesome FREE Features

Everything you need, all in one place, with a simple, easy to follow process for getting you connected with a TRAKR as fast as possible.

  • Instant Notifications

    No more waiting for call-backs or wondering if a tracker ever received your message. As soon as you submit your tracking request, a push notification instantly alerts every TRAKR in the area of your need for tracking services.

  • Streamline Your Info

    Our detailed tracking request process gathers all the important information to help TRAKRs make the best decisions on when to track.

  • One Click Communication

    Connect & communicate with the hunter right from the app, eliminating the need to write down names and phone numbers.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    See what other hunters have to say about TRAKRS. The last thing you want is someone with a bad reputation or poorly trained dog.

  • Real Time Mapping

    TRAKRs can see all active tracking requests in their region via our location aware mapping software.

  • High Quality Media Transfers

    Have video of the shot or photos of the blood trail? Submit full resolution, uncompressed videos and photos, giving your TRAKR a clear picture of your situation. You can’t do that with text messages.

How It Works?

We’ve re-imagined what searching for a tracking dog looks like. Gone are the days of frantically searching for help when you’ve got an animal down.

Download TRAKR app

First you need the App. It’s easy to download and simple to use. Available on Google Play and the App Store.

Submit Your Track

Our TRAKR request form is easy, takes about 90 seconds to complete and is free to use. That’s all it takes to get a TRAKR.

Get TRAKRing

The nation’s LARGEST network of vetted TRAKRs will connect with you! It’s like UBER for Hunters!

Offline Capability

Even if you do not have network access, you can submit a tracking request. As soon as you have enough service to send a text, your TRAKR submission will automatically go through.

Easy to Use

TRAKR app will guide you through the process, step-by-step. It collects all your shot info for easy communication.

Monitor & Manage

Check the status of your TRAKR right in the app. No more waiting for contact.

Stay Connected

Get updated through the app for changes or new info.

Built For Hunters & Trackers, By Hunters & Trackers

We understand what it’s like to get an animal down and need a Tracker. We’ve been there.

Download the app ahead of time so you’re prepared just in case.

We guide you through the process to make sure everything goes as seamlessly as possible.

Save time by sending all your information through the app.

See the TRAKR’s detailed info ahead of time so there are no surprises.

Protect yourself by checking reviews to see what other hunters have to say.

Get the RIGHT information to the RIGHT TRAKR for your situation.

Use real time mapping to keep track of progress.

Build out your toolbox to make things even faster.

Exclusive TRAKR HD (Hunt Data)

(Coming Soon) Our TRAKR HD system is the most realistic hunting data you can find. Using AI, we calibrate all our data to give you detailed and predictive information that you can’t find anywhere else. TRAKR HD will be available with paid memberships.

Average Recovery Distance

How far do deer tend to run after a particular type of hit? Does this change with a deer shot in South Carolina versus a deer shot in Wisconsin? Or a deer shot in September versus a deer shot in November? This can be extremely useful data even without a TRAKR.

Fixed or Mechanical

We catalog almost every aspect of each track, from the shot to the recovery, allowing users to search through the tracking analytics and filter the specifics to their liking. Want to know which type or brand of broadhead performs best? TRAKR HD knows! This level of detail doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Detailed Biology

What happens when you only get one lung? What happens if you suspect a gut shot or liver shot? We use hard data to give you the best chance at recovery.

Trackers love TRAKR

TRAKR was built with the dog tracker in mind because our app’s developmental team consists of some of the best trackers around. We streamline communication and collect the important data to make a tracker’s life much easier.

Automatic “Proof of Life” notifications are sent to hunters 30 days & 240 days after a non-recovery. No more calling the hunter to ask if the deer has shown back up on camera.

Easily check the current status of active tracking jobs in your service area and their proximity to your current location with the Tracking Request Map.

Receive instant tracking request notifications for the game animals you provide tracking services for.

Display your dedication to being the best tracking team that you can be with a UBT Verified badge (UBT members with a UBT 1 or higher certification).

View all the important shot information before you even make that first call to the hunter.

Effortlessly keep track of your personal tracking stats with TRAKR HD (coming soon).


We’re new, but you better believe we’re making waves in the hunting community!

Our Team

We’re a team of die-hard hunters & trackers. Not only do we have over 100 years of combined hunting experience, but we all are passionate about making hunters more efficient.

Shane Simpson

Shane Simpson


Ryan Carpenter

Ryan Carpenter


Garrett Prahl

Garrett Prahl


Greg Godfrey

Greg Godfrey


Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, Tracker Accounts are approved the same day, but if you’re new to tracking or relatively unknown as a tracker in your area, it can take days or weeks to verify you.

Nothing! The TRAKR app is 100% free to download and use.

That’s one of the beauties of our system. We guide you through the process, step-by-step, to make sure your TRAKR has all the information they need. And from a TRAKR’s perspective, this makes the process much simpler and user friendly.

It really depends on how many TRAKRs we have in your area. We’re working hard to recruit more and more quality TRAKRs to the app. But once you download the app, and submit your request, the process is very simple and fast.

We’ve built a rating and review system right inside the app. Before you ever select your TRAKR, you can see who works well with hunters, and who could use some improvement. Gone are the days of blindly selecting a tracker based on which one is first to return your call.

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